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Made from high quality 100% natural cotton, MANIFEST is a comfort series that is oversized in design. We sought to redefine the traditional pocket t-shirt and we’ve married form and function, where the end result is a t-shirt that is meant for everyone, everyday; whether you’re tall or short, a man or a woman, big or small, you are the final artisan and you decide the style. Manifest aims to send positive energy; to manifest good things, thoughts and vibes.


When we came up with our bags, we had hoped that we would be able to solve an everyday problem with leather bags by providing a more functional and stylish solution - we hope to do the same with MANIFEST by providing everyone with a t-shirt that’s comfortably stylish, one that lasts for a long time and providing a functional aspect to the design. With the success of MANIFEST, our goal is to further cement functionality as our brand DNA. Offering stylish functionality that takes you through Monday to Sunday - beyond leather, beyond bags and beyond wallets.

The Features

Available in five colours of Black, White, Soft Chambray, Forest Green and Tangerine, the oversized series is made from 100% natural cotton and weighted at 230gsm.

Here are the additional features:


Tight Rib Collar Design

Our t-shirt collars have a tight rib design that prevents it from losing its shape, keeping your t-shirt looking crisp and wearable for a long time.


Hidden Zipper Pockets On Side Body Seams

A sleek and hidden functionality for you to place your wallet, mobile phone or other accessories you may bring with you.


Slit Divider

Providing you with a longer back to compliment your silhouette.


Foldable Cuff Sleeves

Enjoy flexibility and choose between a more oversized look or folded sleeves.

Style It How You Want
MANIFEST X The Art Faculty (TAF)

As an extension to the collection, we are happy to announce a special collaboration with The Art Faculty, a platform that celebrates the abilities of people with autism and related challenges by promoting and showcasing their special talents.For this series, we work with Asher Won on a collection of locally inspired shop drawings reminiscent of our childhood. With the sale of every MANIFEST x TAF T-shirt, Asher will earn royalties, thereby learning the value of work and financial independence.

MANIFEST x TAF Oversized
Tee | Mama Shop

MANIFEST x TAF Oversized
Tee | Drinks Stall

MANIFEST x TAF Oversized
Tee | Provision Shop


Asher Won, 17, is a Vocational Track student at Pathlight School, Singapore’s first autism-focused school. He draws cartoons, animals and nostalgic scenes. Drawing with strong lines and solid fills, his work is often graphical and bold, teeming with delightful details. Asher is also an artist with TAF, asocial enterprise by Autism Resource Centre. He was most recently awarded 3rd Prize at the ViaRTUp cycled Art Award 2022. His winning work “Beware the Green-eyed Monster” is currently being shown at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.