An Internship — Eunice

July 17 2018
About a month ago, I embarked on a brand development internship at Faire Leather Co., armed with only my passion for ...

Product Focus: Designing the Bond Tablet Sleeve

July 12 2018

Sometime in mid-April, Ryan and I were at a café when a stranger approached us.

“Hi guys, are you the founders of Faire Leather Co.?” He handed me a business card. “I’m Josh, I bought your padfolio and it’s amazing, but I was just wondering if you guys could make something even smaller and lighter?”

Product Focus: The Quality of Faire Leather Co.’s Belts

July 03 2018
As mentioned in my previous blogpost, creating belts for Faire Leather Co. was an obvious decision. I have absolute f...

Insight: It’s Time to Get Slim Leather Wallets

June 26 2018
Here’s why you need a wallet upgrade now, and it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. 1. Let yourself sit comfortably If...

Brand Focus: We Started With Belts

June 20 2018
Tocco Toscano actually started out making belts. Well, my father did anyway.

Brand Focus: Faire Leather Co. - A Luxury Brand for the People

June 08 2018
Want to understand more about why we only make what you want? Read on.

Brand Focus: Why We Now Have A Warranty Policy

June 06 2018
When we first launched Faire, we started out not wanting to offer a product warranty. This decision stemmed from a few unpleasant personal experiences managing (admittedly) a small percentage of customers over the past 8 years for Tocco Toscano (my family business).

Brand Focus: Father's Day Gift Guide

May 31 2018
Give Dad a style upgrade this Father's Day.

Insight: Why the Bond Travel Briefcase and Bond Everyday Padfolio M...

May 22 2018
You may think the compartments of the Bond Travel Briefcase and the Bond Everyday Padfolio are similar — having either will suffice. But here’s how you can grab extra hours despite your hectic schedule.

Product Focus: Our Specter Colour Bundles

May 16 2018
There are two broad schools of thought when it comes to colour-matching for accessories (for men at least). There are those who like to play around with a variety of colours and those who prefer colour consistency throughout. I personally subscribe to both, depending on my mood at that given point in time. However, I do believe that in some aspects, maintaining colour consistency can be key.

YKK – The Story Behind Our Zipper

May 07 2018
As you might already know, Faire Leather Co. sources the highest quality materials for our products - from our choice of leather right down to the zipper.

Product Focus: Specter Bifold Wallet with Cardholder

April 23 2018
The idea for this design actually came from a suggestion from a friend of mine. About 4 months ago, he purchased one of our slim leather wallets: the Specter Bifold Wallet. He liked it very much but wished it could hold his business cards as well, instead of carrying them in a separate cardholder.

Brand Focus: Our Pre-orders Model for The Specter Bifold Wallet wit...

April 17 2018
When Joe and I conceptualised Faire Leather Co., we knew we had to offer something different; not just because of the...

Working at Faire: Cheryl

April 13 2018
“I don’t know what to talk about.” – this was literally my reply to Ryan when he told me to write a blog post here.

Brand Focus: Product Meetings with Faire Leather Co.

April 11 2018

Designs. Quantity. Measurements. Colours. Fulfilment.

These are just a few of the many terms being thrown across the meeting room during every product meeting. We do our product meetings in the design room that James (Joe’s dad) does his works in.

There Aren’t Many Leather Tech Organizers Like Ours

April 06 2018
Do you sometimes need to charge your phone on the go, listen to music when you’re travelling, reach for your business cards when you meet a client or simply need a pen to jot something down? If so, a leather tech organizer might just be the thing for you.

Insight: Here’s How To Travel Smart

April 03 2018
We all know how airplane seats can get uncomfortable at times.  Unless you’re flying business or first class, you usually don’t have much room to place your things (or your legs) – with the exception of the overhead luggage compartment and that compartment at the back of the seat in front of you.

What RFID Protection Is All About And Why You Need One

March 29 2018
Prior to the start of my internship here at Faire, I had no idea why some wallets came with an RFID protection featur...
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