The Specter Wallets: How To Decide On Which One Is Most Suitable Fo...

February 21 2018
We created 3 “conventional” wallets for the Specter Collection – namely: the Trifold Wallet, the Bifold Wallet and th...

Our Work Culture

February 09 2018
One of things I got down to doing before we got started proper was to develop a brand guide. This document would serve anyone that joins us not just to know what the design guidelines are, but to also understand what the brand means on every aspect.

An Internship - Syafiq

February 02 2018
Ola everyone, my name is Syafiq. I am a new intern at Faire Leather Co. and will be working closely with Ryan with regards to content and branding in the course of my internship.

Product focus: Specter Travel Wallet

January 30 2018
Over the past few months, we talked quite a bit about the Bond Collection that we launched on Kickstarter. I would now like to start breaking down the other products that we have on our website – specifically the Specter SLGs (Small Leather Goods), starting with our Specter Travel Wallet.

Trade Faire

January 18 2018
As an online brand, one of the more common queries we receive have always been whether our product can be seen anywhere in a physical store; if they can touch it, feel it or see it first before committing to a purchase.

Packaging An Experience

January 14 2018
So obviously before we even thought of the product, we thought of the brand name, and what kind of brand we wanted Faire Leather Co. to be - which is why I say we had to go through such a long period of pre-planning for a lot of things when we first started.


December 29 2017

2017 is about to pass us by, and it amazes me to see how time flies. Not long ago, Joseph and I were still thinking of a brand name, its colours, and how we were gonna say hello to the world. When we decided that Kickstarter was going to be best way, everything happened so quickly because we were in such a rush. Fast forward and we’re here, with 2017 coming to a close, and just 6 days before our campaign ends.

The Data Behind The Design – Meet Y Ventures Group

December 18 2017
Faire Leather Co. is our first foray into using our proprietary data analytics to develop a private label brand with ...

A History of Quality – Tocco Toscano

December 11 2017
Faire Leather Co. is co-owned by the Y Ventures Group (a data analysis driven e-commerce retailer and distributor recently listed on the SGX-ST) and Tocco Toscano, an Italian leather goods label that is now owned and operated by my family. I started working for my father 8 years ago and we have had many work-related disagreements over the years, but I have always respected my father for his creativity and work ethic. As a matter of fact, his start and journey form a pretty interesting story:

Going Against The Grain — Our Leather Choices For The Initial Launc...

December 06 2017
For this blog post, I thought I’d get a bit into the types of leather we used for Faire Leather Co.’s initial collection launch and the reasons as to why I chose them.

It's All About The Little Things

December 05 2017
Luxury isn't always about size. After all, it’s all about the little things in life. Check out our gift guide for this coming Christmas. We're having a GIVEAWAY too.

The Mouse, Charger and Other Items

November 27 2017
Since our launch, we’ve been receiving queries as to whether the Bond Travel Briefcase can fit certain items, which we’ll try our best to address in this blog post. From our conversations with you across our channels, we found a few common items that were brought up. We’ll first start with the mouse.

What it Means to be a Brand that’s Feedback Aware

November 09 2017

Over the next couple of weeks, as Faire Leather Co. begins to develop further, you’ll start seeing us on a notable forum, pressing for interactions, and have a chatbot set up on our site where we would be ready to speak to you. Joe, myself and the rest of the team have come up with a pretty impressive timetable to make sure we’re always available - one of the most common questions consumers ask when engaging with a chat bot system according to Google was, 

“Are you a robot?”

Working at Faire Leather Co.

November 03 2017
Truth be told, I didn’t know what to expect with Faire.

How It All Began

November 02 2017
It happened over dinner and drinks. We started talking about Joe’s family business and it came down to coming up with business ideas; how my experience meant I could market a concept for a product he would create.